Creating setup file for .Net Windows application with icon & Uninstall:


Create your application completely. (HMS)

Open solution Explorer,

Right Click on your solution name (HMS) àAddàNew Project

                                                                          àOther Project Types

                                                                                àSetup and DeploymentàVisual Studio Installer

                                                                                                                                               àSetup Project

Give the name of your setup and click OK (HMSSetup).

Step 2:

You will get File System (HMSSetup) Window:

From here select Application FolderàRight ClickàAddàProject Output

Add Project Output Group window will display:

                                         Here select   Project as: Your application name (HMS)

                                         Select Primary Output from below panelàClick OK.

Again Right click on Application FolderàAddàFile…

                                        (Here add files (or) images) select .ico icon for your applicationàclick on open.

From right side window select Primary OutputàRight ClickàCreate shortcut

Right Click on ShortcutàRename it as your application name (HMS).

Right Click on this shortcut (HMS) àProperties

                                            Icon: Browse

Here you will get a window, from this window double click on application folder select .ico iconàAdd iconàOK

Right click on shortcut (HMS) Cut.

From left side of window select User’s Desktop and Paste it (HMS) in right side window.


Step 3:

Create one .bat file for uninstall:

Select your setup name (HMSSetup) from solution exploreràpress F4 (Properties window)

Here copy product codeàProductCode: {BIOEBE……………………}

Create one notepad with name Uninstall.bat with text as below:


Right click on Application FolderàAddàFileàRedirect to Uninstall.bat fileàselect Uninstall.batàopen

Right click on Application FolderàAddàFileàselect icon (.ico image) for uninstallàclick open

Right click on Uninstall.batàCreate short cutàRename it as Uninstall

Select Uninstall shortcutàproperties

                                            Icon: Browse

Here you will get a window from this window double click on application folder select .ico icon(uninstall icon)àAdd iconàOK


Create one more HMS shortcut with icon same as above in step2.


Select User’s Programs Menu from left side windowàRight clickàAddàFolder

Rename Folder same as application name (HMS).

Select Uninstall shortcut and HMS shortcutàright click Cut

Select HMS folder of User’s Programs MenuàPaste them in right side window.


Go to Solution Exploreràselect your setup (HMSSetup)àpress F4(properties)

Author: Give the name for Folder in ProgrammFiles(To install your application in separate folder EX:Threshold Soft).

Manufacturer: Threshold Soft (same as above)

Product Name: your product name (Hotel Management system).


Select your setup àRight click àBuild(HMSSetup).

Go to your application folder (HMS).

You can see your setup folder (HMSSetup).

Open setup folder (HMSSetup)àdebugàhere you will find setup files for your application

Double click on setup file to install.

After installation you will get your application icon (HMS) on your desktop.

Click on icon and check your application.

Go to start menuàAll Programsàyou will find HMSà Uninstall.


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